Australian Invention Sets Benchmark for Industry Innovation and Excellence
Australian invention “Flexsil-lid” took out honours of “Best Innovation in the Gulfood Awards 2011”, recently held in Dubai.
The best of the best in the international food and beverage industry were recognised at a spectacular gala dinner held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 27 February 2011 to announce the winners of the 2011 Gulfood Awards. 
The awards attracted more than 150 entries from 23 countries in 16 different categories, and were judged by an international panel of experts.
Flexsil-Lid was also awarded “Best New Catering Equipment Innovation” by receiving a perfect score by all 6 judges, instigating the creation of the “Best Innovation Award” for the first time.
With a background in Border security, company founder Albert David risked his “kids’ inheritance” to make it from “Western Sydney” to the Gulfood fair this year.
“I was disappointed in seeing so much waste of food, plastic wrap & foil in my wife’s café that it drove me to design a product that would be practical, efficient and help save the environment” commented Albert. “I wanted to bring it to the world as Gastronorms & steam pans are used in all restaurants, cafés and hospitality kitchens globally”, he said
The innovative lid – which is designed to be resistant to both the heat of ovens and the cold of freezers – won such admiration from the judging panel that Radisson Blu chef and president of the Emirates Food Guild Uwe Micheel, commented, “I cannot believe that no-one has designed this before.”
Made from Food Grade silicon and using its patented ‘lip-lock’ design, the Flexsil-lid is designed to fit all standard Gastronorms or steam pans, covering the contents to maintain freshness longer when stored, or speed up the cooking time if used in ovens. This is achieved by trapping the heat inside the pan acting as an incubator.
Designed to withstand temperatures down to -30°C if used in freezers and up to 220°C when cooking in ovens, this environmentally friendly and hygienic product eliminates the use of excessive amounts of ‘plastic’ film wrap to keep food fresh or ‘foil’ to cook with.
Being a re-usable product, the Flexsil-Lid is dishwasher safe and can be used many times over.
Available in sizes of 1/9, 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 & 1/1 in Semi clear or ‘chopping board’ colours.
For more information, please visit www.flexsil-lid.com or direct enquiries to Phillip David at sales@flexsil-lid.com




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  • The lid helps invariably keep food fresher than using plastic wrap
  • The lid will act as a seal and ensure a fresher outcome
  • It's reversible, with smooth edges so food remnants can be easily
Other Features
  • Sizes-Flexsil-Lid can be used with all standard shape gastronomes and steam pan sizes
  • Labelling - Use whiteboard marker on it and wipes off with a moist cloth
  • Colours - Available in colour coding for meat, fish, dairy and other products.
  • Secure - Transport food without fear of spillage
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