Imagine a re-usable product that can be fitted in under 5 seconds and also remain air tight for days. That has the ability to withstand extreme conditions in any kitchen environment, such as use in dishwashers, use in ovens to over 200

(428 ) , and then up to -40 (-40 ) in the freezer – with no negative effects on the lid.


You may think that a product like this does not exist?  Let me assure you that it does. It’s called the:

Flexsil-Lid !!


This product significantly reduces use of plastic film wrap & foil as well as keeping food at its freshest under normal kitchen conditions!

Flexsil-Lid can be securely fitted to all your gastronorms and steam pans in any kitchen around the world. It's completely re-usable and keeps the contents airtight for lengthy periods.
So in a world that is turning to 'Green Solutions' here is a product that helps reduce waste. The flexsil lid has negligible effects on the environment compared to detrimental effects that foils and plastic wraps have.".

A product that will not only save you money on perishable goods but also on items used to attempt to keep this food fresh.



  • The lid helps invariably keep food fresher than using plastic wrap
  • The lid will act as a seal and ensure a fresher outcome
  • It's reversible, with smooth edges so food remnants can be easily washed off.
Other Features
  • Sizes-Flexsil-Lid can be used with all standard shape gastronomes and steam pan sizes
  • Labelling - Use whiteboard marker on it and wipes off with a moist cloth
  • Colours - Available in colour coding for meat, fish, dairy and other products.
  • Secure - Transport food without fear of spillage



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